About the Program:

Together Now, Inc. is a Not For Profit Corporation intended to provide professional development growth, skills, experience, and connections to young people. In our first year we have an aggressive outline to achieve our first Together Now Internship Program.

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Company Description:

To establish an organization that will create and/or facilitate programs providing young people with exposure to professional development skills in a wide variety of career and study paths. This will be done through classroom-type instruction; internships and externships with local businesses; visits to a variety of work sites; and small group meetings with individuals currently working for companies or for themselves in entrepreneurship settings. The programs will be of various lengths, offered in multiple locations and occur at different times throughout the day, to maximize the number of youth who will be able to take advantage of them.

2018 Emerging Leaders Internship Program (TNIP):

In 2017 Together Now, Inc. successfully established the Emerging Leader’s Summer Internship Program. Over the course of six weeks, eight different students interned at different organization and attended an Emerging Leader’s Workshop (one workshop per week.) The focus of the workshops changed week to week, but all carried the general theme of developing personal and professional skills rooted in the spirit of entrepreneurialism. With the concept that the Market-Based Management© philosophy being best suited to illustrate the ideas and spirit of entrepreneurial thought, further exploration of this philosophy will continue to be imbued in the Emerging Leader’s Workshops.

In 2017:

Sam Roberts, II directed the first and second workshops;

Workshop 1 – American Dream

Workshop 2 – Interview Skills

Jon Clark directed third and fourth workshop

Workshop 3 – Leadership (Jim Joseph guest speaker)

Workshop 4 – Networking (Chris Fowler guest speaker)

Nicholas Paro directed fifth and sixth workshop

Workshop 5 – A.M.P. process

Workshop 6 – Capstone project

In 2018:

Nicholas Paro will direct all six workshops with guest speakers and presenters throughout as it fits the curriculum.

Workshop 1 – Introduce A.M.P. process and focus on Vision (tie into goal setting)

Workshop 2 – Strengths (identifying personal strengths)

Workshop 3 – Build (will incorporate networking)

Workshop 4 – Leadership (previously called Delegate)

Workshop 5 – public speaking, interviewing, evaluation of student progression

Workshop 6 – Reward (capstone project and reward for completing the program)

Vision – identify dreams and goals and determine what direction to take in order to have the capabilities of achieving your dreams and goals.

Strengths – Discover your strengths. Utilize what you’re good at to best position yourself for success. Assert yourself in positions to help develop your strengths to allow yourself to be able to value yourself.

Build – Continuous process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and foundations in order to fortify your vision and strengths and apply knowledge in a manner that shows measureable results of progress.

Leadership – Determine when you are best suited to make decisions and when others are best suited to make decisions. Be accountable for decisions you make, hold others accountable to their decisions.

Reward – Incentive for achievement and reward according to the value erected.

Concepts of sunk cost, opportunity cost, value creation, comparative advantage, and creative destruction are used and taught in an intermittent fashion throughout the workshops to help fortify the AMP process and its application to real life.

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